Hobbywing Quattro ESC Arduino Pins

I have purchased the following Hobbywing Quattro ESC and I plan on using it with an Arduino Uno:


It has 4 speed controllers as a single unit and the connections for controlling the motors are a bit weird.

-The 1st connector has black, red and white -2nd has only yellow -3rd has only red -4th has only brown

How on earth do I connect this to the Arduino Uno pins?



On the first connector:

black -> Arduino GND white -> Arduino pin for channel 3

others: red -> Ardiuno pin for channel 1 yellow -> Arduino pin for channel 2 brown -> Arduino pin for channel 4

Use the Servo library, four instances.

Incidentally it may look like a neat idea to have 4 ESCs in one, but actually its not really:

o If it blows you have to replace whole unit (yes ESCs do fail)

o You can't put it in the down-wash from the rotors for cooling so its more likely to overheat

o All the high switching currents to the motors are brought to the centre of the craft causing a lot more interference to any sensors and the receiver.

o You need more high current wiring since 3 wires have to go to each corner, not 2 (or even 1 if you use aluminium frame as ground return).