Home Automation, Arduino Mega, Wifi shield, HTML, Dreamweaver

Hi everyone. I made a project for home automation. There are 4 analog sensors, 4x4 keypad (it has 6 functions), 7 LEDs, 2 motors. It's working good. Now I wanna control via internet. I have CC3000 wifi shield. I made my website too, below the link:


But now I don't know how I can connection between Arduino and website. Please help me. Best regards.

Perhaps this article will give you some hints.

Lots of other articles if you search “arduino blink internet” which one works for you depends on where your arduino is compared to your website and how much control you have over the server that hosts your website.


The source code for my Arduino web server application at http://www.2wg.co.nz/ is available for download from the SD card web page, within the PUBLIC folder - download the 150918.zip file.

You may find a few things of interest.

The application includes an implementation of encrypted randomised login passwords and cookie session security so you can log in and access the full 100% of application security while still restricting public users, web crawlers and hackers to only the things that you allow on your website.

My application is quite comprehensive - as you move your application to the web just solve one problem at a time and you will get there eventually.


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