Home Automation Light Project

Hello all, I am completely new to Arduino. I have a project at work where I need to create a prototype and have it finished by the end of July 2021. My first step is I need to purchase all the parts needed, but am unsure what is needed. What I need for it to do is hook up to wifi/bluetooth and be able to give voice commands through Amazon Alexa as well as a smart phone to turn on/off three different LED lights together as well as independently of each other. Temperature would also be nice to have. If you needed to do this what Arduino components would you order? Thank you for your help.

I think you'd probably need to hook up a setup where you tell Alexa to the thing, it turns on a light, you have a phototransistor next to that, it tells the Arduino, which does the thing. Or, even better, Alexa adjusts the brightness and the Arduino picks that up, and does the thing.

I am looking at the Uno Wifi rev 2. Would that do everything I need it to do? I still need to purchase the LED lights. Any other parts I would possibly need? Is there a kit that would make sense to purchase that would have everything I need plus extra? Is there a power supply I can purchase, I saw somewhere where it says that it is not smart to run lights off of the Arduino.

I found online that the Uno Wi-Fi rev2 costs 60 US$, while a dimmer switch for my idea costs 20 US$. So my idea is cheaper. And I think simpler.

You can power ordinary LEDs from an Arduino, but if you're talking about some high intensity device you may need an external supply for them and some transistors to turn them on and off.

If you need an app on the phone, look at Blynk.

The tricky part is Alexa integration, but I expect that you can find a tutorial that explains how to do it.

These are going to be pretty high intensity. Think exterior lighting of a home.

I just want to be able to turn them off and on and am not worried about the cost of parts. I just want to make sure I buy what I need the first time as I have a somewhat tight timeline to do this.

Then at the very least, buy twice as many components as you need so that you're not stuck when you let the magic smoke out.

You could get a relay board with optoisolation to switch power to the LED lights. Better, get one with SSRs on it for longer life.

The only problem with the Uno is it has very little memory. If you decide to run a web server on the Arduino to talk to the phone, you may need something with more power. ESP32 perhaps.

Most of what you're doing is simple and has been done many times by many people - you can find plenty of examples. As I said before, Alexa is less so. I'd spend my time researching that while the parts are in transit.

I would suggest you draw a prototype schematic, sleep on it for a day and then check if it is close. At that point you can roughly determine what you are going to need. If you buy the parts then do the design you will be designing to match the parts not necessarily what you need.

have a look at this about the alexa part..

As for the components, you can go a few different routes, i have used the wifi board and worked great and then i have also used and currently use a NodeMCU board, which i like more because its smaller, capable of doing most of what i need..

As for the LED lights are you speaking about individual LED lights or LED Light strips? if its individual lights, consider looking for and getting like the others said, some solid state relays, that will allow you to turn on and off the lights.

There are plenty of temperature sensors that will work with arduino and then there are others that are already on the market that work without arduino and part of smart home devices..

Here are a few links to the devices:
NodeMcu -- An open-source firmware based on ESP8266 wifi-soc. cheap and easy to use

Solid State Relays

Temperature Sensors