Home Automation Possibilities

Hello all,

I have been racking my brains for the ‘best’ solution to my problem but each has its merits and disadvantages. I am developing a home automation system for my home and would like to get some feedback, so anyway, here I go. (This is my rough idea)

As per the picture I want to have a ‘control’ module in each doorway which consists of:

  • Etherten utilizing POE and ethernet for communications
  • Temp Sensor
  • Photocell
  • 4 sets of on/off buttons (8 buttons total)
  • PIR
  • RGB Status LED
  1. These modules will grab the pin status on a button press, PIR movement and every 30 seconds (for light and temp measurements) this is then pumps through to the server onto a database in a string format

  2. The server accepts data and checks to see if database holds the same values, if not update db and turn on relevant relays via secondary arduino, then send confirmation message back to original controler which flashes status ok LED.

I only have limited php experience so this is going to be a tricky one, any idea’s of practical ways to do this would be appreciated as there is so many options.

I only have limited php experience

Then, why choose php as the scripting language? What OS is on the server? What scripting/programming languages are you familiar with?

Second, why that format? Are the { and } really part of what is sent?

Third, what are the relays actually doing? If this is some kind of security system, what does temperature have to do with keeping intruders out? If it is for controlling temperature, what does the presence/absence of movement have to do with that? Or light level? Do you want to heat the place only when it is light out and there is motion in the room?

Hi Paul,

My PHP is certainly limited, but of C, Python, Processing etc I'm thinking its the quickest for me to continue with. For now my server is running win7, but I have a few machines I have lying around I can turn in linux boxes. As for relays, they will be controlling light rails, appliances and Solenoids.

The {} was just an example to break it up so its easier to read here. I knew I should have clarified that one when writing!!

The idea of the sensors attached to the controller is so the database has info on every room, I can then work on getting the server to trigger the relays depending on certain actions, ie dont turn off the lights when PIR detects movement. Turn on fan if over 30c etc etc.

Hope this helps to clarify. I currently have an arduino flicking of several relays around my house, but its a messy setup and I currently trigger my lights with etc :)