Home Automation Project - RF Receiver not responding (I think)!

HI Guys,
First off, I am a newbie to electronics and circuits - I am a programmer by heart and job. So please bear with me if I am doing something terribly wrong here - I will learn I promise :slight_smile:

I want to do a home automation project with Arduino and did a lot of reading on this topic. Most of the topics use the 433 Mhz RF receiver that used those remote controlled sockets that we can get from Amazon/Ebay and controlling them with a cheap RF transmitter that we can get from eBay. So I went in and bought one of those remotes and also a cheap RF 433 Mhz receiver.

Problem in one Line: After finishing all the connections, uploading the code to the arduino and then pressing a button in the remote, I do not get any display in the serial window

Detailed Description of the problem

Things used
1.Remote - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0083I85HQ/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=1
2. Cheap RF 433 Mhz transmitter
3. Arduino UNO
4. Software - RC Switch 2.51 - ReceiveDemo_Advanced, ReceiveDemo_Simple (both did not work)

Here is a picture of the connections:

Arduino Connections

Green wire connected to pin2, Black wire connected to ground, Red wire connected to 5 V

RF Receiver Connections

RF Receiver Close up [Notice that there is no antenna]

I am getting nothing when I press the remote. I placed the remote literally next to the RF receiver - so I dont think the antenna would be the problem. I opened up the remote and this is how it looks:

http://It has a chip named HS2264-R2. All the data sheets that I found for this chip seem to in Chinese and so no luck there. RCSwitch apparently supports a chip named HX2262 and I suspect the HS2264-R2 is just this chip manufactured by some company.

If there is no hope for this to work, I am also open to just pulling the connections in the remote by connecting the remote directly to my arduino. But even here, I just recently learned about pull up resistors and how they would work. But I am still not confident enough - so I am posting a picture of the backside of the remote which has all the circuits. If the above RF stuff might not work, I would appreciate any help in how to use this remote directly with my arduino and where I should make the connections with my arduino.