Home automation projects without using IFTTT

I have used IFTTT to automate a couple of projects using Google Home. Now they have limited the number of Applets for the free service, I am wondering if there are any free alternatives out there that will allow me to experiment with my WeMos D1 board and Google Home.

That's a new one on me, I have heard of other methods of home automation with arduino just never including Google Home. Have you considered using multiple arduinos to accomplish home automation? Like a Master -slaves set up which can be accomplished by BLTE, RF, IR, WIFI. Or using wall jack relays hooked to a single arduino to turn power on and off to a light for say?

Use a raspberry pi as your home server.
I use one running Mosquitto and Node-Red. Several sensors around the home report data via MQTT to Node-Red that stores the data in a database and displays it. It also collects weather, travel, earthquake & Aurora activity to add to the database, and interfaces between Alexa (I don't have Google but think it's possible to use that as well) and an IR server to turn on/off the TV and other IR controlled boxes and control lights connected to Sonoff sockets.

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I have had an home automation system of one sort or another for around 30 years now and the main advice I would give anyone is keep everything under your own control (i.e. do not use anything in the cloud etc.) as you can spend many hundreds of hours building your system only to find one day it has been turned off or changed and no longer works.


Thank you for your reply, never thought about that, I will look into it.

Sounds like a great idea but I think it sounds a bit beyond me. I wouldn't know where to start with Raspberry Pi, Mosquito or Node-Red. Thanks for your reply though.

Valid point, thanks for your reply.

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