Home Automation Using RTC DS1302


I want to ON and OFF an 8 channel relay board using a RTC DS 1302 Module. I have a Arduino Uno R3. Can somebody give me the codes or guide me. I don't know how to start the project. I am new to all this.

The Time and TimeAlarms libraries are probably all you need. There will be examples included

The attached .ino is my sketch that sets the clock, displays time in 12 hour format and has 2 different schemes to query the clock and decide whether to activate 1 or more relay channels. There is also code for a DHT22 sensor that can scan the climate and trigger relays based on the preset variables listed above the setup, but you might want to comment those out or delete them all together.

This sketch is for controlling an indoor garden, but can be repurposed for other situations.

Hope this helps you!

TIMEorCLIMATEswitching.ino (8.74 KB)