Home Automation using Xbee for iPhone

Hello everyone! 8) I am developing my thesis and I'm designing a home automation using Arduino Mega R3, Ethernet, Xbee Shield and iPhone to drive relays, some tutorial or project of this type to indicate me? Want to take control from outside the LAN and power use for both iPhone and iPad.

Thank you

Hey their,

I have worked on a similar project before, but I was working with Ethernet Shield and Android, instead of Xbee and iPhone. Don't think it should make a huge difference.

Take a look at these relays: http://www.amazon.com/SainSmart-4-CH-4-Channel-Relay-Module/dp/B0057OC5O8

They are very easy to use and you can control them using digital I/O of your Arduino Uno.

You mentioned you wanted to control your appliances from outside network. In that case, I suggest you consider taking a looking at WAMP server. You can use the WAMP server as an interface point to communicate between your iPhone and Relays. Their are a lot of tutorials available online. I like www.lynda.com for training. Their are a few php courses available that will guide you on how to configure WAMP. The membership for lynda is like 25 bucks a month and you can sign up a trial for 7 days, before signing up the membership.

All the best ! Hani Abidi

Thanks Hani Abidi.
But really I’m looking for something with the Xbee connection iPhone, has this project where I’ve been checking. http://www.robocore.net/modules.php?name=GR_LojaVirtual&prod=483 and http://www.robocore.net/modules.php?name=GR_LojaVirtual&prod=480 however it uses the TouchOSC software for communication. I wanted to create something original.