home automation

i want to make touch switch which operate on ir remote also.please help in programing...
i have arduino nano, toch module , relay board

Post links to the following components of your system:

  1. Touch module
  2. IR remote module (receiver/transmitter?)
  3. relay board

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My advice is always the same - Start by choosing an existing system/protocol and buy your switches/controlled outlets even if you want to build your own controller.

There are lots of engineering & construction challenges in building a [u]switch like this[/u] that works locally or remotely, doesn't require house re-wiring, fits into a regular outlet box, and "looks good". You couldn't build it as cheaply as you can buy it.

[u]SmartHome.com[/u] has some information about the various systems & protocols (and they sell the stuff so there might be some bias).

...I've got a combination X-10/Insteon system with about 10 controlled lights & outlets, a master timer/controller, and a few wired & wireless remotes. I didn't build any of it myself. My master timer is programmed by the computer, then it runs stand-alone. My system doesn't have an Internet, Wi-Fi, or cell phone connection, but I could buy a controller to do that.