Home automatization through a web page

Hi Guys ,

I just bought Duemilanove and ETH shield. I have in mind some home automatization and i want to do it through a web page. Honestly said, I’m lost in information. Simply what I want, is to use some forms to turn on and off appliances.
Could you give some guidelines where i can start from.
Do i need an optocouple or relays to turn off 220volts appliances.

Any help highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Welcome to Arduino Guby…

Well you can put together a form, use a python cgi script and a python program on the local system controlling and monitoring the serial port. Then hookup the arduino to the serial port. Hook some relays to the arduino and you got the whole setup. Remeber to use something like an uln2007 to trigger the relays.

he cgi script can also create an xml file and then you can use feedparser module to update the local serial program from the xml file… I can send you some/all of the code if you want to take a look at it…


Prakash thank you for your fast reaction. It sounds doable :slight_smile: I thought to create a web page on on arduino self and to control it in that way. However what you are offering is way better idea, because you just hook arduino to a third party like python. The third party tells arduino what to turn on and off, and print the sensor data that arduino sends (if I got you right).
I would love to receive the code you are talking about. I’ve never seen python but there is first time in everything.
How Edward Deming says : Learning is not obligatory, surviving also not :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Just a word of warning, 220V AC is very dangerous to work with. I would suggest working with some DC stuff to get the hang of it and then move up to turning on/off a lamp before venturing to home appliances. Sounds like a cool project though.