Home Brew with Arduino - Mashing and fermenting


I just finalized the home brew project - mashing and fermenting with Arduino. I am sharing it here to help people working in similar projects, also to get suggestions to improvements.

The concept:
Mashing: BIAB with a RIMS system.

  • a 20 L bash tun;
  • an external RIMS system (2000W - resistance inside a pipe);
  • a waterpump (washing machine)
  • conections;
  • arduino UNO starting kit;
  • 3 buttons;
  • 1 relay;
  • 2 temperature sensors (DS18B20)
  • a refrigerator (fermentation);
  • a fermentation tun.

The code is attached.

The basic idea:
Choose Mashing or Fermenting:
3 stages mashing (2 - can be configured; 1 75oC - 5 Min);

  • you can set mashing temperature and length for 2 stages;
  • the system will warm the water before you add the malt, them it will keep at the temperature you chose.
  • the water pump runs all the time;
  • two sensors:
  • 1 in the mash tum to monitor the mashing temperature;
  • 1 in the RIMS to make sure the temperature don’t go to high.


  • just one sensor (in the freeze)
  • regulates the refrigeration on/off to make sure the temperature stays around the desired one.



RIMS_BREW.ino (11.7 KB)

I think it's admirable you are willing to share (and no, I'm not being patronising).

Perhaps you should consider writing this up on an easily accessible web page or even make a YouTube video about it, easy to share too.

Others will then find the results of your hard work on Google or other search engines, as I suspect your post here will soon be buried under the daily avalanche of requests for help!

Look at Exhibition/Gallery section of the forum.

Good stuff mate, Tom... :slight_smile: