Home brewery DMS (Dimethyl-Sulfide) sensor is it possible?

Dear all,

I'm thinking about to build an arduino based DMS sensor for my friend. He has a home brewery and in brewery DMS is a tender spot :) (Sry for my language :D ) So my question is..

-can I build a device with this specification and how compile a code, if I want to monitoring ONLY DMS concentration?

If I know well the TGS2602 and MQ3 sensors are able to measuring Volatile compounds (VOC) such as DMS (Dimethyl-Sulfide).

-These sensors are have an original library what I can include for my project? -These sensors are originally contain DMS measuring or I need to calibrate?

Thanks for your attention, and sorry for my language :$ :DD

Short answer: ONLY DMS is not possible with these two sensors. They both detect alcohol very well. The concentration of alcohol in brewery is higher than that of dimethyl-sulfide. It is like measuring a signal of 10 from a noise of 10,000, or worse.

Disclaimer: I have no experience in this field

Possible Solution

Good luck!