Home control via internet- inputs and outputs

A new version of my ArduServer can be seen at…


The page you receive will have two buttons and will report the light levels falling on two sensors connected to my Arduino. One of them measures the light level in the room, the other measures the light falling on a sluggish LDR. The LDR is wrapped in opaque tape with an LED (poor man’s opto-isolator!).

The buttons on the page turn the LED on and off.

No “tutorial” for this, yet… but the code is available at the bottom of…


… which is a general discussion of using microcontrollers as web servers.

Uses an Arduino Uno and a “new” (with miniSD reader/writer) Arduino Ethernet Shield. (W5100). My previous ArduServer used the less expensive Microchip ENC28J60 in a shield from NuElectronics.

Early days… apologies if you visit and find it not behaving…

The poll is for feedback… Worked? Didn’t?