Home Easy "simple" protocol documentation needed.


I'm fighting with Home Easy appliances. Unfortunately the Hacking wiki page does refer in this matter to... a not existing site.

In the end I know three things:

  1. The protocol consists of 24 bits (I've found it out by RCswitch library readying the remote and came sure when read some lines of the Home Easy library.
  2. There are 3 data types inside - the sender, the recipent and the on/off bit
  3. The last bit makes the change between on and off.

One set is like this:
0101 0100 0101 0001 0001 0101 - on
0101 0100 0101 0001 0001 0100 - off

The very outdated library interprets this signals as:
Sender: 7
Recipent: 11
boolean: On/off (respectively)

What i need is the recipe how to create new codes for new appliances. I have a cheap remote with only one channel - two buttons, (this is where i have the code from). Now i have more sockets and want to conrol them separately. Each socket can learn the code so .. if i know how to creat new codes like the one above - i will be able to teach a different one to each socket.

Thanks for your input.

I've just started looking in to this, Home Easy seems to work on a rolling 4 code system, during set up you press the button on the socket, then press a TX On button, the RX knows from that a total of 8 codes, 4 on and 4 off, the remote TX on (or offf) button will now send one of four codes, the RX knows all 4 codes for that button so turns on. The transmitter cycles through the 4 codes in the same order. This is the old system remote I'm using, the sockets are compatible both ways. I think the newer remotes some how hide the code. Hope this helps some one.

... I was able to teach a learning receiver all 4 on codes with the old style transmitter, but not with the new transmitter, it thinks any code from it is the same. I think some of the code sent by the new transmitters is perhaps false, making it unrecognised by other receivers.