Home project?

Hey all,

First off, I come from a Plc industrial environment and am finding more uses for Arduino in our smaller processes and home use. I have no problem implemnting this via Plc, but my wife's might not like the budget! Lol

I currently have a home project where I want to communicate between 2 Arduino units, as an overview, here's how it would work (ideally)

Unit 1 sends a command to unit 2, tells it to start program "A"
Unit 2 has that program in it and has 4 inputs and outputs
Unit 2 sends the state of the Inputs and outputs back to unit 1

Unit 2: Inputs will be simple switches, outputs will be 3watt, Cree leds

Unit 1 will know the state of these and display via HMI

If, unit 1 asks for program "B" the same inputs and outputs are used, but different conditions to trigger them

I'm looking on suggestions for equipment, communication ideas (WiFi, Bluetooth, Rf, etc) please let me know how you would go about this
Hopefully that's a good start in explaining what I hope to do.

all this can be done.

Have you read the 'how to use this forum" ? it tells you how to add pictures and how to post code.

Do you have any questions on how to implement this ?

I think the first step is to get an idea of the hardware necessary. Which Arduinos? Wired or wireless communication? How far apart are the units? What HMI display?

I'm in the process of exploring this forum now, so much info.

I'm looking at wireless, about 40 feet

I have 2 Arduino Uno and plan on using advanced hmi

I'd like to start with hardware selection

I'm looking at wireless, about 40 feet

This Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial may be of interest.


Thanks, I will look into that, looks promising