Home sensor network topology confusion!

Hey guys,

So I’m wanting to implement a fairly comprehensive sensor network across my flat. For each room I’m wanting temperature (ambient and at any radiators), humidity (in bathrooms) etc etc. I would also like sensors on all internal doors and windows.

This data will be used to train a climate model for my flat (using neural networks) and control intelligent heating/cooling solutions.

I want to go with a wired solution as I have had wireless systems in a previous flat which were unreliable. I also felt like I was always changing a battery somewhere or another!

So from lots of reading it seems a 1-Wire setup might be the way to go. I’m a total noob when it comes to the hardware/cabling/soldering side of this. Software is my thing!

Below is a roughly to scale plan of my flat.

Arduinos, Raspberry pis, Routers etc are all housed in the cupboard marked “Mission Control” off the hallway.

WAF is a major issue here (I’m also pretty precious about how it will look TBH). I think my solution will be to run trunking around the ceiling using a product such as this:


Accessories are also available to give a nice finish where cables exit etc.

I would run trunking down from the ceiling where I wanted sensors such as this one, http://www.audon.co.uk/weather_sensors/dtswm.html

So the bit I’m struggling to get my head round is the network topology. From what i’ve read CAT5 is the way to go with 1-wire.

My current train of thought is to run a bus around ceiling of the hall. There will be sensors on this bus to each of the internal doors.

Then I was thinking I would run another bus (stub?) into each room that feeds of the hallway. What would the wiring look like here? What would be the best solution? I’m guessing some sort of splitter?

I’ve seen this product http://www.ibuttonlink.com/products/t-box but can’t think how I would make that look nice (remember WAF!!). Maybe some sort of enclosure but feels a bit amateurish to me.

Maybe I’m on the totally wrong track so was hoping I could draw on the wealth of experience here for some advice.

Or perhaps someone can direct me to a more suitable forum?

It all looks good to me, if cost is not a factor. You may need coax cable for the longer runs.