Home split type Air cond air filter clogged measurement

good day friends, i have project that had to measure clogged air filter in home air cond and i plan using anemometer and arduino. means after air filter clogged in certain percentage a LED light with give warning to clean the air filter. Any idea from experience members about how to build the circuit board and coding for this? thank you

please help. i am beginner and i really need guidance. thank you in advance

Do a Google search for "arduino anemometer".

you can use an anemometer, put it after the coil. the clean side. then monitor the input whatever it is reading with a new coil, new filter create an alarm for 80% of that. this is all covered in your basic programming examples.

find an anemometer, read up on the use and what is needed tto connect to your arduino get an UNO connect the bits. test it out.

thank you, mikb55 and especially dave-in-nj to give idea to help. i will try it out and tell the result. May God Bless you,sir

good day, i had google and consider the anemometer, the problem is..its too big to measure air flow after air filter inside Air conditioning. I need to measure air flow after the air filter inlet. any suggestion,please? anyone have sample of arduino coding for air flow measurement.


This guy has a lot of the right stuff, all packeged for you.

if you want home-brew; http://www.fonema.se/anemom/anemom.html