Homebrew Bluetooth Shield

Hi folks.

I'm getting quite good results from building shields using PCB toner transfer etching techniques. My next shield project is a simple Bluetooth sheild that makes use of one of the dirt cheep HC-05 style SMD bluetooth modules.

I want to try and enable the bluetooth module to reset the Arduino for remote code uploads, but I'm not sure how this works. As I understand it the IDE pulls the RS232 RTS line high to reset the module in a normal situation. Would this be the same when connecting the IDE to a SPP COM poort provided by the bluetooth link, would you expect the RTS pin on the HC-05 to go high at the same time? If so, I'll connect it via an NPN transistor to the reset pin and we should be ok. I also have control over several of the IO pins so if RTS doesn't work on the HC-05 I could just bring one of the HC-05 pins High (or Low) on demand via AT calls, and have that connect to the reset pin. Is this how it should all work?

The second question (which may not be well suited to this forum, sorry!) is related to the antenna on the HC-05. I'll have quite a bit of space leftover on the shield, would I be able to do anything useful with regards to range if I continued the meandering antenna off the SMD bluetooth module and onto the shield PCB, to double or triple it's length?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments.

on my breadboard duinos, i use DTR to do the reset as seen in hte right side of this pic: . i dunno but RTS(request to send) might work too? and the other digital pin thing should work too. with the 10k resistor, would the transistor be needed?