Hello all,

I would like to control my arduino using Apple HomeKit on my iPhone. I am running a program called Homebridge on my raspberry pi. It’s a server that allows you to add any smart device to HomeKit that is not otherwise compatible. I want to figure out a way to use Homebridge and Arduino IoT Cloud together to make this happen. I am thinking that I might need to write some custom python scripts that send appropriate the commands to the arduino cloud. My current project is using Alexa to control the arduino. I would like to figure out how Alexa communicates with the Arduino Cloud and then emulate that. For example, one of the properties in my project uses the light brightness function. I can say to Alexa, “Alexa, set brightness to 70”, and the property gets set to 70%.

Can anyone point me to some projects, tutorials, or any other sources of information that might help me figure out how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

hey @vincep65

Have you considered NodeRed?
We have an IoT Cloud plugin for it and it works great

Hello Ubidefeo,

I will look into using NodeRed. Thank you for giving me a push in the right direction!

No problem, mate

We recently released a new version of the plugin which fixed a couple of unpredictable glitches and it now works a charm.
Nodered is pretty straight forward IMO, it only took me a couple hours to get it setup and figure out what I was supposed to do.

We are planning a short tutorial on it as well, but don't have an ETA right now