Homemade controller

Hello arduino community.
My question is not closely related to arduino, but since this community is the only one I know which could help me with my project I'm forced to look out for help here!
So, my project consists in a 4-axis controller, its "uniqueness" lies in the levers.
I'm planning to use slide potentiometers to command the 4 axis.
My first idea was to use an arduino board but some friends suggested me to use a common playstation-like joypad as the basis and then replace each joystick with 2 slide potentiometers (one for the x-axis and one for the y-axis).
Omitting to mention the pinout, which I could figure out by myself (or at least I think so) I need help with choosing the right slide potentiometer.
Particularly I need to figure out the right value of resistance and the maximum voltage (5 volts i think).
I saw that most of the potentiometers out there are made to work on arduino-boards and they have a resistance of 10k.
Are they good for my project?

Yes, they are good, but most likely not sufficient. It's difficult to control 4 axis with 2 potentiometers,

4 axis doing what?

It depend on the application.
It is most intended to be used on flight simulators so it could command an engine's thrust or the flaps position...

Here’s a few guidelines:

  1. The higher the potentiometer’s max resistance, the better (lower current draw, saves battery life, etc.)

  2. You don’t have to worry about overvoltaging potentiometers, Vcc = 5V is very common for them. This, though, all depends on the ADC in the microcontroller you are using. For instance, if you are talking about an Arduino Mega, the ADC will expect 5V max, but other controllers might have a 3.3V max input to the ADC.

What sort of flight simulator are you trying to use the pots with?

Well, I could use it on X-plane 10 which can recognize almost everything and lets the user to configure many axis and give them every function the user wants.
I could also use it on different programs to control thing like the audio device's volume or the screen luminosity or whatever, once I have it working who knows what I'd be doing with it!