Homemade pcb with Photoresist method

"is why MrsCrossRoads puts parts on the boards we build."
Make sure you revisit her salary now and then. :wink:


Well, she is driving a new 2L Turbo Convertible Beetle these days :wink:

Actually it's a 2015, someone had traded it with just 1450 miles, on it, so we got a great deal on in it in December. Baby blue, just like the '67 Beetle I had in college, that I taught her how to drive a standard in, only this one's got way less rust and the heat works and it has AC and it'll go more than 70mph on the highway without shaking 8)

I take it , like Bob Pease, you're fond of old beetles. My brother had one, and I thought it was awful....


Not me, was just a car I could afford as a poor college student. It was gone when I went off to senior year, tired of dropping the engine to fix oil leak that made the clutch slip and ongoing electrical problems ...