Honey bee temperature monitor

Hello, I'm thinking about put thermometers into the beehives and using some SIM card to synchronize data with the Internet. Is it possible to do something like this with Arduino? If yes, can you please advise me what parts should I get?



you can take an LM34 and drill a hole in the wood, then place this inside of a comb frame. you could have a few in the hive as it only needs 1 analog pin to be used.

you could use a thermistor and do the same thing. also only takes 1 analog pin.

what is the temperature range you expect to measure ?

This could be quite a complicated project involving remote battery-powered arduinos reporting wirelessly to a central point which broadcasts over the Internet. It's doable!

You are building part of a “Solar Powered Cellular Weather Station” such as the one shown at

The physical size of the boxes should give you an idea of the hardware and cost involved.

I design and program this type of data logger with telemetry as contract work. There is a lot of planning and programming and circuit board designs. It's not trivial especially if you want to scale it up from a couple of loggers to many more. I assume that you want to monitor a number of bee hives in close proximity and send data to the internet. Then each hive logger should only have xbee type of RF transmitter to send data to a central router that sends data out using a cellular modem. You don't need cell on each hive. Then if you are expanding to different bee "farms", each farm has a hub and a number of loggers to send data via their own hub. We're not talking about logging data in remote areas so hopefully you can run power to each hive to rid the need for battery or solar panel and charger, which is a huge cost.

Great project to try and learn a lot from building one such logger. At some point in the future, you may need some technical consultants to scale it up if that's what you want eventually :)