Hooking up a Linear actuator


I need help hooking up this linear actuator. I have read that it is like a stepper motor however i am unable to determine which wire is the power and all the combinations i tried would not work.

If the linear actuator is indeed based on a 2 phase, 4 wire stepper, then you need a suitable bipolar stepper driver.

To choose a stepper driver, you need to know the voltage and resistance or current rating of the windings.

Then read Robin's excellent Stepper Motor Basics: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=284828.0

Am I imagining things or does that putative 4-wire motor have 5 wires?

Hi, Does it have any part numbers on it? Where did you get it? You need to use the resistance range of a DMM to determine the internal wiring.

Tom.... :)


Black wire is ground.