Hooking up a load sensor with LM324N to the Arduino

So I'm trying to hook up my load sensor to my Arduino so I can get basic weight measurements from the sensor. I'll link that data sheet for the amplifier chip and the type of load sensor are the bottom. The problem that I am running into is reading the correct input from the Arduino. I have the the power hooked up to a 5v rail for the load sensor and the ground hooked up to the ground. I have the two other wires connected to r2 and r3 on the amplifier chip. I also have the Vcc hooked to the 5v rail and gnd hooked up to ground. When I read the information, I get a steady reading of ~3.3v. I also have the output (r1) hooked up to A0 on the Arduino. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the proper resistors in the correct place, but I have tried several combinations and still get the same readings. Any information to help me solve this problem would be great. I've seen a lot of tutorials with the INA125P but having a difficult time coming up with information with the LM324N. Thanks!

Chip Data Sheet

Load Sensor

The LM324 just won't work for that. You really do need an instrumentation amplifier, like the INA125. There are many posts in this forum about load cells and the associated circuit requirements.