hooking up battery to servos?

I want to hook up 3 servos to some batteries. Since it show it operate at 4.8v and 6v, that mean I need 6v to get the most out of one. Does that also mean I just need 6v for altogether to make them all move. They will all be moving at the same time. I figure I would need more V then that but maybe it would have to do with mah. Also to get the 6v I could I use 6 AA and also do they have to have the same mah.

You should use 4 cells connected in series to power the servos. They should all be of the same type and capacity.

4 cells??? how can I do that if they are 1.5V. Am I’m missing something then? Thanks a bunch

four 1.5 volt cells connected in series provide 6 volts.

Wow now I feel really stupid for some reason. I guess I was a litle math dead there. Thanks though. so if you have my mah it mean the battery last longer and thats how right???

Yes, the higher the current capacity of the battery the longer it will last.