Hooking up relay to Arduino

I bought my first Arduino 2 weeks ago and I'm a total noob so I am going to try to be as clear as I possibly can to get my point across.

I bought one of those starter kits off of Amazon and I accidentally broke the pin off of my relay. I was following a lesson on the tutorial that came with the kit and the tutorial involved hooking up a motor to a relay, which is connected to an integrated circuit show in the picture. I was looking at other relays to buy on Amazon but the only ones I have found are the ones like this: https://www.amazon.com/Tolako-Arduino-Indicator-Channel-Official/dp/B00VRUAHLE/ref=mp_s_a_1_16?keywords=relay+module&qid=1561864315&s=gateway&sr=8-16

When I looked up this relay setup on YouTube, all I saw was videos on how to hook up the relay directly to the Arduino, and the other end is connected to the power socket wire of a device( like a fan or a light). I was just wondering how the relay in the Amazon link I have provided can be used in the breadboard configuration in the provided picture? The three prongs on the relay that are connected to the 5 volt and the two spaces on the integrated circuit I understand can be connected through jumper wires on the breadboard, but I don't understand how the other end of that relay can be connected through the breadboard to the fan. Do I have to buy extra wires to connect that other end to the motor?

What your kit appears to have contained is a bare relay like this:

This is not the same as the relay module in your link which includes a driver circuit necessary because an Arduino pin cannot directly drive a bare relay. The current would be too high.

The experiment you have illustrated is using an H bridge chip to drive a bare relay.

Thanks for the link and info appreciate it