Hookup wire, looking for a cheap source shopping to New Zealand

I am looking for good quality hookup wire.

I assume that general hookup wire is 22awg?

Who has the best prices with shipping included?

What to look for? Solid core, stranded does it matter?

I am wanting to hookup mainly modules to arduino on a perf board, so most are 5v and generally only 20ma or less.




Yes but what should be looking for?



If you just want to make temporary connections between an Arduino and a solderless breadboard you need solid core wires. I use the wires from CAT6 cable.

I use the same wire for cross-track connections on perfboard.

If you are making permanent screwed or soldered connections between a board and anything else you should almost certainly use stranded wire because solid wire will break from vibration or bending.

The more usual way to specify stranded wire is by the number and diameter of the strands. I have some stuff that has 7 strands of 0.19mm diameter (as measured by my vernier). It seems adequate for connecting switches etc. I also have a small supply of stuff that is 7 strands of 0.09mm diameter.

The resistance of the wire depends on the cross-section area and the length. You can find out the resistivity of copper and calculate it fairly easily. Thicker wire has less resistance. Longer wire has more resistance.


Thanks Robyn

Appreciate the advise.