Hopefully final iteration of PCB to review

Any thoughts would be welcome before I send off to have this made.


PCB front

PCB rear

Bill of materials

Brief Description
NMEA 2000 Can Bus node
ESP32 Devkit 1 uC
SN65HVD can bus transceiver
5 NMEA 2000 connectors: 2 for connection to network, 3 for additional NMEA modules
2 RGBW strip driver circuits
4 LED 'bulb' driver circuits
2 relay driver circuits
INA 219 current and voltage sensor
LM2596S regulator to convert to 3.3v for uC
space for an automotive 12v to 12v regulator (step up down) for regulated power to RGBW strips
A fuse blown detector circuit which is replicated for each fuse and allows one pin to monitor

Function: On a boat this will be used to provide distributed power to local sources such as lights, pumps, fridge etc. It will all be controlled on the NMEA 2000 network. The relays are for high power items, everything else is switched by mosfets. There will be a number of these nodes distributed throughout the boat controlling local electrical items and providing local access to the NMEA 2000 network for sensors etc.

I can link to any datasheets if that is useful. All the pins on the ESP32 are used in standard I/O or I2C functions except GPIO13 which I have connected directly to RX pin for the Can transceiver to use as a wakeup if I want to use low power modes.