Hosting a 5 Day Vex Workshop for Middle Schoolers

FIRST Robotics Team 1515 is interested in hosting a 5 day Vex Workshop directed towards middle schoolers. This would occur in our school's Vex room. Being the person who would organize the event, I have several questions.

First, we are thinking of charging $30/day for 4.5 hours. Lunch will be $4. Is this an appropriate price?

Second, and most importantly (this is the bit we are most desperate to work out) :slight_smile: what do we need to do in terms of insurance? Of course when parents sign their children up, they will need to sign an extensive waiver in addition to a contract which includes a syllabus.

Third, our planned itinerary goes as follows:
Day 1- basic system design, mechanics and building with Vex.
Day 2- programming in EasyC and sensors/electronics
Day 3- challenge introduced. Will be grouped into teams of 3. Much of day will be spent designing their robot
Day 4- building robot, begin programming
Day 5- finish robots and competition with prizes for the winning team (Arduino, probably)
What are your comments on this?

Thanks in Advanced!