Hosting of a little website with jquery mobile elements

Hi guys,

I'm rather new to the arduino stuff and I need to setup a "little" website that contains various jquery mobile elements like buttons, sliders etc. Is it possible to host such a website with an arduino mega and an ethernet shield (with sd card) or do I need something more powerful like a cortex m3 for that kind of problem?

If yes, is it possible to evaluate and to store the state of the buttons for microcontroller-usage?

Thank you so much for any helpful comments! Regards!

Try this tutorial:


thank you for your answer. Has anybody ever tried to run a jquery mobile website off an arduino?

Can you tell me how it would be possible to save the button-states (the butttons/switches on the html-page) to the arduino to process them further?


From a webserver point of view a jquery website is the same as a standard HTML website. The webserver delivers files, they may be static or generated on the fly.

Usually an Arduino webserver is just handling a control website for a specific purpose like measuring temperature, humidity or pressure and maybe reacting on that or on a web command to control physical devices like water pumps, lights or the like. It's much underpowered for delivering pages to the public or sites with lots of graphical files. If you need that use a standard webserver to deliver the content and get the commands. From that web server send just the commands to the Arduino or get sensor values from it.

The later solution is also better suited if you wanna do a lot of AJAX stuff on you site because the reaction time of the Arduino may be not what you're used to if you're familiar with standard web servers (on big Intel based machines).

Thanks for your answers so far!

Of course I know that the arduino is kind of underpowered for a whole webserver. But that's not the point. I want to use a little webserver as an interface between a user and the arduino. I just want to access it with my mobile device and want to switch some states (buttons and stuff) and get some values like temperature and stuff. For example: Access webpage on arduino through iphone, press a button to activate sensor measurements and readback, for instance, a temperature value.

For that I want to use jquery because of its universal usage and nice style.

Hey, if you haven't found a reply, there is a library called 'webduino' here: , that has an example that uses Jquery mobile to control sliders, it also has a response here: on how to use an SD card.

Im still new to this (Jquery/javascript/html/css) so I was kind of looking for a example code for creating 3 buttons instead of sliders using Jquery mobile that turn 3 pins high for a second then low. I familiar with arduino code but Im unclear as to the function for passing values to the arduino code. Any help would be appreciated.