Hot Air Rework Station?

I need a good one, somewhere around $300 or so (or is that too cheap for a good one?)

Sparkfun has one that I know of -

but I don’t know of its quality… anyone have any knowledge of that product or any suggestions for a hot air rework station for similar price?

well here is the deal,for 70-80$ sparkfun sells a Chinese knock off hackko 939 that can be bought anywhere online for less than 40 bucks

so is this hot air station their selling a cheap Chinese knock off that their just marking up to the real deal price? [edit]Aoyue, so YES it is[/edit]

who knows and I dont know why you would want to spend that kind of money without confidence

so take a look at this one

Now I own a xytronic soldering station, was it cheap? yes it was only 50 bucks and its more or less their 45 watt iron stuck on a control box, but it is quality built, and I actually like the irons better than the hackko’s we have at work

all in all I think they have good products for good prices, so check it out

and if you like the Aoyue, it may be a knock off but that means you can use hackko tips then you can buy them all day long for half the price

Have you thought about building your own?

watch ebay for a Hakko 850 or 852. I got a slightly used 852D for a few dollars more than the cheap chinese clone.


I did the Aoyue bit a yr or so ago - I went “top of the line” with the hot air, soldering iron, and desoldering gun all in one… model number-2702. That smoke absorber was nothing! I like the smell of rosin when soldering.

The Aoyue is ok, it blows hot air and you can change the flow rate. The soldering iron is ok - the desoldering gun was my BIG desire… and now I hardly ever use it. I use desoldering braid OR the elcheapo vacuum iron from Radio Shack for $11. I’m thinking maybe I didn’t give the Aoyue desoldering gun a decent time for the learning curve?

I use my Weller WCPT iron most of the time and only bring the Aoyue on-line when I need the hot air or extra soldering iron. AS mentioned, I use the Weller most all time due to the noise from teh Aoyue - that thing is a noise maker!

Ken H>

Are these hot air stations generally noisy? I nearly got one with an impulse bid on Ebay a few days ago, but if they sound like a vacuum cleaner I might not bother.

dunno, the one and only time I have had a chance to sit down and use one it sounded just like a heat gun

Heat gun is a pretty good comparison - the ones that blow good volume.

Not nearly as noisy as the vacuum cleaner, but a LOT more than my soldering iron.

Ken H.