Hot chocolate machine with Arduino project - Need help

Hi friends,
I am a beginner. I am planning to make a small thing which boils water and mixes the existing hot chocolate powder with it. I think it is easy with Arduino.

My plan is to use a cheap water boiler and control it from Arduino. For mixing, I plan to use a rc motor.

What is your comments about the project? How can I develop it?

you need an appropriate relay (240 or 110V) to switch on/off the boiler (there are some relay board that can be directly connected)

You might need a watertight ds18B20 to read the temperature

Some servo to mix the coco

All can be controlled by an UNO

make a cup of coco for yourself and log every detail that you think of and do during the process then you have the basic start to the program

1/check there is enough water to make coco
1/a if im low on water do I wait or tell someone
1/b do I add my own water
1/c do I just turn it on and melt the heater

2/ is the temp adjustable for the water
2/a no boil water to set point
2/b yes wait for set point

3/ do I have a cup

etc etc

think like a idiot and program like a pro (computers are not smart they just basically repeat what ever has been programmed so it will not realize that it turned on the heater 2hrs ago and the water still has not heated up unless you tell it that the water should have boiled in a set time etc etc )