Hot End Beginner Question

I’ve been trying to find online how to install a hotend for a reprap but have had no luck. I’d like to know how to properly wire a 3 wired hotend (one wire is a thermistor) to the electronics boards I’m using. I have an Arduino MEGA 2560 connected to a Quadstepper board ( Using neither RAMPS nor Gen6/7/etc. Will I need another board to run the extruder controller? Is there any way I can heat the hot end without having to place another order?

Lastly, is anyone aware of a good resource for hot end wiring directed towards a beginner?

Thanks for any help.

What is a hot end or reprap? the thermistor part is easy you'll just need another resistor to act as a voltage divider nd then read the voltage with analog read, perhaps buffer it a bit and average it out depending how noisy the enviroment is

While Arduino's can be used as the control boards of RepRap and other 3D printers, I think you'll have better luck in an actual RepRap forum. Also here's a link to the's wiki.