Hot glue a tactile button on top of a conductive PCB button

Can I hot glue a tactile button on top of a conductive button?? I need the position of where the PCB button is located, but need to have a tactile push button in its place. Will the hot glue on top of the conductive button cause it to activate?? or not. I need the spot to use the existing button on the outside of the board.





Try it. Hot glue can be removed with a knife.


Well my thought was it may keep the circuit closed and lead to damaging (if that is possible). So, just put some glue on the conductive button, install without the tactile button and look to see if the switch is working?? or glue the tactile button down and see how things work? Should I be worried about the overall board??


Maybe just place the tactile button on the board and hot glue around the edges?


That seems like that would work, thx. I'll give it a try.