HourGlass Project Blink LED then Off

Hello! First time using Arduino and this Forum!
I am trying to modify the HourGlass project. I added the blinking of the LEDs after all of them are lit. Now I am trying to just turn all the LEDs off after 5 blinks and then whenever I use the switch, then start the program again. (I want to do this because in the future I want to add the Clock Real Time and turn the HourGlass with an alarm). I have been working on the program and so far i got it to turn off on the first run (LED blinks 5 times, then turn off…YAY), but once I pressed the bottom again…the LED does not blink nor turn off…If i take out the addition for turning off the LEDs, then whenever i precess the bottom the LED blink every time. I have tried many variations without any luck . Can some one please help me? Thanks in advance!

(Code Attached)

HourGlass_Test2_Blink_and_Stop.ino (2.18 KB)