Houston, TX in the house!

Calling on all hackers in the Houston area…

This city is in need of a HackerSpace. I’m willing to put all my energy into starting one, maybe from my garage until I can find a better building. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long.
I got tired of showing up to 2600 meetings only to find myself being the only one there. Come on Houston hackers and the like! We need to unite to share ideals and knowledge in order to grow stronger and more knowledgeable in the things we love!

So, anybody with me?

howdy cynofox!

Nice to find another local Arduino user!! finally.
I fully support starting a Local Arduino Meetup/user group! I am the founder of the local Adobe (Macromedia) User Group and would like to see an Arduino group formed and have monthly meetings! Let me know what I can do to help and get it going.

I've tinkered with the Duemilanove and have a project that needs to be complete. Also have the UNO and have a project I'd like to build, with some help.

Hey Wholeo, wow, it's been some time since I came back here. Got busy with a project that left me no time to play with Arduino. What part of Houston you from? I live in Pasadena. I have a two projects I'm currently working on. I have plenty of boards and shields to tinker with, just now I barely find time to.

I live in Houston and am new arduino. So I may not be of much technical help, but I'd show up :slight_smile:

This city is in need of a HackerSpace.

I recently attended an open house txrxlabs.org, and will consider taking some classes.

I'm currently trying to wrap up a project. Any locals interested in helping with a few questions?

When are where ?.... :disappointed_relieved:

I am located in Austin but looking to hire someone for a project...

I have an Uno, a wave shield, and want to take a variety of inputs some digital some analog, then output audio from the wave shield to a car (kind of like KIT but more along the lines of a modern fighter jet audio feedback) Anyone interested in helping or doing the entire project turn key let me know.... If no interest I will just keep researching and complete on my own. -A