Hoverboard wheel and ESC compatibility question


I would like to control my hoverboard wheel using the below ESC:

ESC: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/bullet-series-35a-esc-blheli-s.html?___store=en_us

Hoverboard wheel: Amazon.com : Endura 6.5" Hoverboard Wheel Assembly w/Hub Motor : Sports & Outdoors

Is this ESC work with the mentioned hoverboard wheel?

(Let's say the approach that I took is sensorless based, I mean no hall sensors will be used)


Well that's a 36V motor and the ESC is only specified for 6S lipo (22.2V nominal) so I guess the question is what battery are you planning to run?


Thanks for respond.

The battery that I will use is 6S.

Then it should work but you will probably get less than full power from the motor because you will want to restrict the current to it's design specification of around 10A.



Just to make sure, every ESC that supports 6S should be fine, right?
Is there anything else I should be aware of?

What are you trying to do? A sensorless ESC is not going to usable at low speed at all.

Most ESC's startup sequences assume a propeller as the load, which has low inertia. The
open-loop part of the startup sequence for ESC designed for airscrews may not work with
a large heavy wheel at all.


would you mind suggesting some of the ESCs that works great with the hoverboard wheel?

Not sure what the specs of the motor are, but a sensored ESC will be necessary to
get closed loop control (and thus control and torque at low speed or stationary). I suspect
you will need closed loop control for your application, but you've not actually stated
definitely what you are trying to do...

You'll need to do the shopping, but if in doubt post the product link(s) here so we can
assess it.