how arduino???

hello all. I would like to enter the world of Arduino, and I wanted to know what was the arduino more appropriate for my purposes, I should use for applications with MIDI applications with protocol and detect inputs from analog potentiometers, which is the best for my purpose? ? I'm undecided between the model and a model mega. regarding the programming of "arduino", need some additional programmers, he or program without any other instrument??, just the USB cable only? thank you!

ciao a tutti. vorrei entrare nel mondo di arduino, e volevo sapere quale era l'arduino più appropriato per i miei scopi, io lo dovrei usare per applicazioni con applicazioni con protocollo midi e rilevare ingressi analogici da potenziometri, quale è il migliore per il mio scopo???sono indeciso tra il modello uno e il modello mega. per quanto riguarda la programmazione di "arduino", servono dei programmatori aggiuntivi, o lui si programma senza alcun altro strumento???, basta il solo cavo usb?? grazie!

The big difference between a regular arduino and the mega is the amount of pins on the microcontroller, more pins the more stuff you can hook up to it without needing extra hardware. So that sort of depends on how many buttons, sliders and knobs your thinking you want. Regular Arduinos have 13 digital and an additional 6 analog or digital inputs. The mega has like 16 analog inputs and you need analog inputs for your potentiometers.

Also there is a difference in memory both ram and rom but I would say your input considerations would be a good start.

Programming, short answer all you need is a USB connection. Long answer, when you buy a chip from atmel(the makers of the microcontroller used by arduino) it comes in at a basic configuration and no software on it. the people that make the arduino take that chip and load a little bit of software on it called a bootloader, that bootloader allows you to use the serial connection in the chip to load software, from there its connected to a usb to serial converter.

If you get a real arduino or a proper clone it will only need the USB connection. Some of the more bare bones clones may not come with a adapter so its up to you to provide a serial port translator or a USB to serial port converter. If you just get a chip you will need a external programmer (which can be an arduino as well)