How can Connect 2 Devices thru SDA and SCL pins on Lolin D1 mini Pro

Hey there. I am working on a project which at this point has been great, but now I have to use more Analog devices and suddenly my Lolin D1 mini Pro(design constrained) has only 1 of them-A0.

The current device i do have is SSD1306 128x64 Oled 0.91 Display thru SDA and SCK(D1 and D2), but soon I will be connecting ADS1115(which also requires SDA and SCK), which should allow me to have 4 analog pins.

How the connection should work or what code should I use in that matter?

Thank you in advance.

Get out your soldering iron and just wire a splitter to both.

Or, at the debug stage, just route it to a breadboard and wire to both devices from there.

Thank you for the response.

So, basically after splitting the pins D1 and D2 to run the I2C scan and get the Xe addresses to both devices, and use Wire Transmission right?

Yep, I2C is a bus, so it's designed to just have multiple devices on the same wire. The address (which you can indeed get with a scan or by reading the datasheets) is what separates them.