How can ? find dynamic target's location on x-y axis ? I have to find coordinate

Hi . I start to my write whit thanks for reading . I have got a problem . I have find dynamic targes's location whit ultrasonic sensors . ? can use lots of ultrasonic sensors whit combination but how can ? find target location ? For example target is x=13 cm y=15 cm . I need X-Y axis and ?f posibble can be Z axis to .I want to see knowledge on pc like a radar . I searched some where but couldnt find enough knowledge . I hope gives idea to me .Thanks

Not sure how you would use ultrasonic sensors to determine an exact position, but if the target is the closest thing to you then you could get an approximate position by sweeping a sensor past it and finding the range of bearings at which the object could be detected. The mid point of that range of angles would give you the approximate heading. The ping response time would give you range.

That would give you enough information to know the position of the target relative to the ping sensors, and you could represent that it polar or cartesian coordinates. If you also knew the position and orientation of the ping sensors, then you could convert that to an absolute position.

Interesting challenge :) How far from you is the target at its most distant, how large is it, and will it be stationary?

Search this "sonic ranger radar arduino" with google image. Look for greenish images.