How can I achieve this effect?



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My suggestion is to hire it done. If you are as inexperienced as you say and do not have any background is software or hardware you will probably need at least a year.
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An LED strip (dot star type, instead of the common WS2812 type as this does not work because the MIDI signals can cause delays in its reception)

Correct conclusion but wrong cause and effect. The WS2812 requires a fast accurate signal that can only be achieved by turning the interrupts off. This then causes you to miss midi messages. No delays you just don’t get all the messages through.

I have never used Arduino before, but its use is imperative to complete my project.

What project is this then?

This comes up regularly here is one thread with some code in it



Your Arduino can supply less power through a USB cable. The limit for USB is only about 400 mA. You need 60mA current capacity per LED.


Only if your 5V supply is capable of supplying a minimum of 6 Amps.

Or you do something in the software like winding down the brightness. For example set the brightness at 50% and you only need a 3A supply.

to not connect a power supply and tape the LED strips power wires ?

What on earth do you mean by that?