How can I add a LED to this build?

I recreated this project from Fritzingin my project then on the arduino itself, it all works fine just how I wanted it.

The concept behind it is:

  1. You plug it in and the time is set to 00:00

  2. You can adjust the time to the time now let's say 22:46

  3. You can put in an alarm to wake up let's say an hour later at 23:46

  4. The piezo beeps in stops, so not continious.

So now my question is, how can I add a led that flickers on the same rhythm as the piezo (when the alarm goes off)? Can someone help me in my project?

An update/edit would be great! I'm relatively new to all of this.

Thanks a lot!

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Personally I hate that website as it is very difficult / non intuitive to use on a Mac and we don't like going off site for pictures here. This is how to post an image on this forum image guide

To compound your problem Fritzing is also despised here, we need a real schematic for anything non trivial. At the very least click the schematic tab in Fritzing, tidy up the wires and post that.

how can I add a led that flickers on the same rhythm as the piezo

Look at your code, which you have not posted like you should have, and find the spot where the piezo is turned on and off. Alongside those instructions add a digitalWrite call to turn a pin on and off, use this pin to connect an LED and series resistor. Remember to use the pinMode call in the setup function to make this pin an output.