How Can I add custom board in Web Editor environment?


I am very much new to Web Editor, I started to play around from yesterday.
I am curious to know how to add my board information which is not in the list, for example I have the one from Sparkfun, Pro micro

Quite simply you cannot at this moment in time.

Have you tried selecting the pro mini from the drop down board selection menu ?

Ensure you select the correct com port and voltage and frequency for your board.

Below are the steps to get to the selection in case you are unfamiliar Just click the small down indicator in the board area to start. Then select the other board option at the bottom of picture 2

board select.jpg

board select 2.jpg

board select 3.jpg

I am encountering the same problem.

I have an Adafruit nRF52 that I'd like to program using the web editor, but the web editor will not recognize the board.

I am successfully able to recognize the board and program it with the desktop version of Arduino IDE, but I've gotten used to the web editor and would prefer to use that interface if possible.

ballscrewbob - do you know if this is possible, or will I just have to get used to the desktop version of IDE (not the worst thing in the world, but figured I'd ask!). Thanks.

Until more boards are added or the ability to add boards is enabled then right now you cannot use that particular board.

Add your thoughts to the wish list thread.

Sorry about that

I've actually gotten used to the desktop version of the IDE now. And the serial monitor is a lot more reliable!