How can I add my own Hardware Ids on Arduino Boards and customise it?

I have a Arduino Leonardo board and I want to customise/add a new Hardware Id which can be seen after plugging in at device manager of Windows, without changing any VID or PID values of the current defined values.

For instance, in a new line, USB\VID2341&PID8036&REV_0100&MI_00&Wonderman_01. ( This is a picture from device manager of windows for arduino leo board.)


I assume that these values are coming from arduino.inf and ArduinoLeonardo.inf files. But changing these values or adding new lines at .inf files gives no result. Or I couldn't do it in proper way.

So, if I summarise my questions;

1- How to add new Hardware Ids on Device Manager of Arduino board.
2- Do I need any new VID and PID numbers for it or can I use Arduinos VID and PID numbers?
3- Adding a new Hardware Ids is it legal?
4- Is there any other ways to customise Arduino Board?

Thank you in advance!

@CrossRoads This looks like one for you.

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