How can i Amplify the voltage and how can i .. ?

I really need your help,
Actually, I’m working on a senior design project, which is building a Tractor. I will be working on the electrical connections + the micro controller ( Adruino Uno). My electrical connections will contain the following :

here is the model # (signal conditioner SGA AC/DC Powered)

?anyone can help me with the connection ???
Note: I attached a block diagram of my connection

SGA-ACDC-Power-Signal-Conditioner-3.pdf (415 KB)

NO ONE CAN HELP ME >>>>>>> :astonished:

You have a basic problem to start - a transformer won’t do anything to a DC signal - you need AC for the transformer to do anthing.

Also, you didn’t attach any block diagram.

I certainly hope this is a mecahnical engineering project and not an electrical engineering one. Maybe you can find some help in the Electrical Engineering department.

See above comments. Try looking at a "boost converter circuit" to control the voltage. You'll probably need to find an IC and a working schematic yourself, though there should be many examples available. Its not a really simple project though.

You might look at this based on a Hx711

You need one of these:

Pick one with plenty of overhead in the amps.