How can I automatically get the time from the computer into an alarm clock (star

Okay so I did this project from Fritzing first in my project then on the arduino itself, it all works fine just how I wanted it.

But here is what I wanted to add, as you can see when you plug the arduino in it will set the time to 00:00 and you can adjust it yourself to the time right now, let's say 12:57. Then you put in the alarm so let's say you want to sleep an hour u put the alarm on 13:57.

Is there a way to automatically get the time from the computer? So you don't have to adjust it yourself everytime and start from 00:00.

Thanks for all the help!

You could write a program on the PC that sends the time over the serial connection and parse it on the Arduino. Not sure if that meets your criteria for ‘automatic’.