How can I burn a sketch using parallel programmer?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to burn a sketch using a parallel programmer, so I edited upload.using inpreferences.txt to both(without quotes) "Parallel Programmer" and "dapa" but i still get the java error:

Binary sketch size: 1514 bytes (of a 126976 byte maximum)


What am I missing? I read and couple forum posts and heard people saying something about having to chage three parameters I only found this one: upload.using

So what did I miss this time? :-[

Ok, here I am again!

So this time I missed that upload.using=parallel not Parallel Programmer and serial.port=LP1 weirdly.

So if anyone is having problems uploading sketches to arduino mega using isp parallel programmer, change:

upload.using=parallel serial.port=LPT1 both are in preferences.txt, this file you can locate in Arduino IDE, File > Preferences and then at the bottom of that window there is a link you click and folder with this file opens for you.

Also importatnt is to have giveio.sys installed and you have to run it every single time you restart computer.

Just download GIVEIO.ZIP somewhere on the internets and when u unpack it copy giveio.sys to c:/windows/system32/drivers/ and then run loaddrv.exe as Administrator!! and add "giveio.sys" to the end of line and click install and then add "giveio.sys" to the end of line again and click run. Next time you reboot your computer you will have to run loaddrv.exe again but this time only press run. Dont forget you have to run it as admin on windows 7 and probably Vista too, but I never had Vistas so don't know for sure.

Anyways if anyone has a problem with this feel free to PM me I will try to help, because I know how bad it feels having your new toy driven unusable ;D Also I am still a newbie, but willing to help. All hail to the Arduino!!!

PS: Guys srsly fix the IDE its so fu**ing slow on Win7, seems like its compiling something every sigle time i click on Tools.

Hi, I am a newbee and having the same problem that it is not posible to upload by parallel programming
I tried to change the


but it won’t work.
I have verbose = true and saw that the communication is still at COM 3 and at 57600 baud?
This in spite the baudrate should be 19200?

My earlier problem was that the bootloader went corrupted.
I tried to upload with same parallel cable the bootsoftware again and that functioned OK.
Except that it is still not possible to upload with the new installed bootloader.

So or I think the bootsoftware doesn’t function due to baudrate or the serial hardware RXI or TXO are defective.
Thats why i try to programm parallel to see if the chip is still ok.

Please give suggestions. :slight_smile:


could you post the verbose output you get back from arduino IDE?

Also which board exactly do you have? Is it Arduino Mega or DueMilanove or Tiny? And does the LED on pin 13 flash? Did you install GIVEIO.SYS? Are you sure the upload of new bootloader went ok?

Please give as much info as possible.

Hope we can work this one out ;)

Thanks Mistrfu for your replay. In the mean time between posting and your response I build a new programmer AVRISP via parallel port. (a very old version, but the programmer was easy and quick to build) This one worked OK. I erased the arduino pro mini and loaded it with bootloader again. then it was possible to upload as usual via arduino software and serial port. The verbose text still gave a baudrate of 57600 inspite of good functioning with uploading my hexfile. A bit stange, but my problem is solved. Now I can go further with my Arduino project. ;D Thanks for your replay anyway:)