How can I change arduino behaviour when I connect it?

Hi everyone,

When I connect arduino from USB to computer I want my computer sees arduino only when I press some combination of keys on keyboard.

For example, after connection I want my computer see arduino only when I press Ctrl+T+S.

Is this possible?

Thanks for reading and sorry for bad English.

It sounds like you want to interrupt the USB enumeration process.

There is a method for flash drives etc. but I am unsure if that would work well for the Arduino as it also involves a COM port emulation process.

Maybe if you include lots more information somebody can help but you don't really give enough to make an informed guess even.

You really should read this section and come back with more information.

If its on WINDOWS and you are a FULL administrator of that computer you could use a GPO to take some control.

Thanks for answering.

I do not know how to explain anymore my problem.

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I will work with arch linux and also I want to work this combination in all computers.

I try to say i want to change something in arduino not operation system.

I think this is an X-Y problem. What are you actually trying to do?

If its a clone board you may have no option but to use a GPO on the computer.

If its a REAL arduino and you are very comfortable with changing the bootloader and have the knowledge then it "may" be possible.

Otherwise then the answer must be NO I am afraid.

What you are asking to do is essentially password or key stroke the bootloader.


The computer would still need to talk to the ARduino and enumerate it in some form even to key stroke it.

Thanks for answering.