How can I connect 2 modules (bluetooth and mp3) to Arduino Uno?

Hi everyone!

I plan to connect this bluetooth module,201444_6,201409_1

and this mp3 module,201444_6,201409_1

to my Arduino Uno.

My goal is to send message from my android to arduino via bluetooth and then convert it to command to mp3 module and play some music.

If it possible because this two modules operates via tx rx ports?
If not possible could you please provide me with some advises!

Since both use serial I/O you might want to skip the Arduino and just connect the Bluetooth module to the serial input of the MP3 player. If you do want an Arduino in the mix you will need to use the hardware serial port for one and SoftwareSerial for the other. This will prevent you from using the hardware serial for debug I/O but the sketch should be very simple.

Thank you!