How can I connect a SIM7600G-H 4G LTE module to my arduino uno rev2?

I found a module at the following link:

which is a 4G LTE module. My understanding is I need to connect or solder to a UART board. Can anyone give me advice how to use this for an arduino? Thanks!

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Far be it for me to question your soldering skills, but are you not able to find that chip already on a breakout board?

You can download the specs for those components, read them and figure out quite a lot about the available hardware possibilities.

Hopwfully You will tumble across software associated things like examples, libraries etc.

It definitely would be easier to just buy the breakout board version, but with the supply/demand of this product, I am finding the breakout board version is around 30-40 dollars more.

As I said, read the data sheets, specs, for the components You think You need and go ahead. I don't download pages and spend time to find Your stuff there.

Core Electronics in Australia have a board...
I’m sure that will be available elsewhere

I think that is the one by DFRobot. I understand the price might be eye-watering but paying up extra to get a proper shield has to be cheap at twice the price. AliExpress have one on a breakout board with four pins. I have no idea how it works.

I’ve been using Tinysine 3G boards, and recently pushed (Tim) to get him working on a 4G version.